EV Charging

How can we help you?

Thinking of going electric

As With the cost of fuel at an all time high, is it time to drive electric?  With every day comes a new electric vehicle.  The range of these vehicles is getting better and better, to the point long journeys are now common place with electric vehicles.  Whether you have a need for a charging point at home, if your an office manager/owner and have a fleet. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with your electric charging requirements.

Government grant (OZEV)

There are still government grants to help toward the cost of EV-Charging installation.  ASWetherell meet the requirments set out, that enable you to claim back some of or all of the installation costs.

Managment & maintenance

With every electrical system, there is of course a requirment for ongoing maintenance.  Set up a service agreement with ASWetherell, and let us worry about any “back end” configuration and alterations that may be an ongoing conundrum.